Cotton Valley & Southern Cross Game Farms

"Where Quality Fowl Are Bred"



Santiago Teran

Cell # (718) 440 - 1244

Se Habla Español


Mick Blansett

Farm # (276) 926 - 5503

Cell # (276) 218 - 0605


Terry Hancock

Farm # (817) 790-8584

Cell # (817) 202-5352



About Us

Southern Cross is pleased to announce the partnership with Terry Hancock of Cotton Valley Game Farm of Alvarado Texas. We will now be able to offer a larger selection of game fowl but we still be able to maintain the highest quality of our fowl, we wish to invite all of our customers and friends to visit and personally select their fowl from either farm.

Southern Cross Farm is located in Southwest Virgina, and is co-owned by Mick Blansett and Santiago Teran. We believe that we have acquired some of the best bloodlines that money can buy. Our sweater, yellow leg hatch and gray were chosen for us by Gene Batia of Gulf Haven Farm in Mississippi, our other bloodlines were acquired by us directly from the breeders. We believe that we have the bloodlines that will allow you to compete with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Please enjoy the website and remember when you get serious get Southern Cross!!


All fowl will not be sold for illegal activities or in violation with The Animal Welfare Act of 1976

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